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Instant data. Anywhere.

Reimagine the cloud with Special Purpose Cloud Functions™. No code to debug. No infrastructure to manage. Zero cold starts.

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The superior workflow

Configure and instantly deploy Special Purpose Cloud Functions™ as instant data services. Enrich any AI language model, power any Frontend App, or consume any existing API for any use-case faster than ever before.

Special Purpose Cloud Functions™

Easily configure and deploy cloud functions that merge data access logic with cloud-native infrastructure.
Zero Cold StartsNew

Always hot, never experience service outages due to cold starts again.
Unlimited Concurrency

No concurrency limits to slow you down or manage as your application scales. Pay only for each API call.
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Intelligence Toolkits

Essential APIs for building intelligent applications.

Programmable Classifiers

Classify text with simplicity and ease utilizing amazingly simple API calls.

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Generate human-like text using data from any source to create hyper-intelligent content in real-time.

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TL;DR - Summarize emails, articles, documents, or other texts to extract their long-story, short.

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